Video Series

On Second Thought

Season 2 | Episode 1
What is Jesus doing for us now in the Heavenly Sanctuary? (Part 2)
On Second Thought, is a ministry production of the North Bronx SDA Church  tailored to grapple with the tough philosophical, theological and spiritual questions we are faced with as a society and faith community, now more than ever.

The Bible and the Rose Garden

Episode 5 is out!
Topic: Revelation 13, The Mark of The Beast, and The United States of America.
The Bible and The Rose Garden is a ministry production of the North Bronx SDA Church that is intended to review the biblical blueprint as a direct response to the past series of current events.
The Question for us as Seventh-day Adventist is, does the Bible provide us with any framework for assessing the events in our world? and if it does, how should we understand these things?
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