Adventist Community Services

“Serving communities in Christ’s name.”

The Adventist Community Services (ACS) is a ministry whose mission is to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ while meeting the needs of the community. There are 3 branches of this department functioning in this church: 


Urban Ministry

Provides vital help to individuals and families who are unemployed, working-poor, uninsured and disadvantaged in urban areas.


Crisis Intervention

Gives psychological support to individuals or groups during a period of extreme stress or grief.

Youth Empowered to Serve (YES)

Engages and network youth and young adults for service (random acts of kindness, disaster response and emergency relief, etc.). 


Among the programs offered are: 

  • Soup Kitchen – Delicious soup on Wednesdays (6 – 7 pm)
  • Sunday Breakfast – Homemade breakfast served every Sunday (10 am to 12 pm)
  • Food Distribution – Wednesday at 7:00—8:00 pm (front of the church).
  • Clothing & Care Package Distribution – All year (as the need arises).
  • Community Baby Shower – every summer 
  • Youth Zone – day summer camp for youth (
  • Counseling for new mothers (Mother’s Brunch) – held in October
  • Ex-Correctional Officers Forum
Children’s Ministry

We seek to develop the faith of children from birth to age fourteen, leading them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus.


Programs offered:

  • Children’s Church 
  • Children’s Banquet
  • Children’s Choir
Church Clerk 

This ministry involves the record keeping of the church. The church clerk maintains church membership, ensures that proper notes or documentation are kept for church board meetings, church business meeting and other church records. They are also responsible for coordinating baby dedications.


Programs offered:

  • Baby Blessing – every third Saturday of each month (please call to confirm the date). For further information call Yvonne Johnson at 631–742–7550 or Shelly Moulton at 718–882–4907.

“Building bridges of Hope.”

Our mission is to share the gospel by reaching out to diverse audiences through many avenues of communication. Through this ministry, we raise public awareness of our church — its members, mission and message.

Programs offered:

  • Church service is live-streamed (via website and Facebook page) on Saturdays at 11:30 am

Follow us @northbronxsda on the following social media platforms:  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Disabilities Ministries

Encourage the local congregation to give special attention to individuals with disabilities, including the development of programs for witnessing to people with disabilities and making our church accessible to all. 


Enrolling your child in a Seventh-day Adventist institution is an investment in your child’s future. The mission of this ministry is to inform the local church and community of the local adventist institutions and the services they offer. It also aims to promote the benefits that are afforded by an adventist christian education.

Programs offered: 

  • School Supplies distribution – August or as need arises
Family Life Ministries 

We are a ministry of relationships: husband and wife, parent and child. Our primary areas of emphasis include premarital guidance, strengthening marriages, parent education and family evangelism. 

Health Ministries 

Health ministries plays an integral role in our church, as we recognize that Christ ministered to the whole person. Our goal is to serve as a resource for information and counsel on health and temperance affairs as it relates to the mental, physical and spiritual health of the congregation and the community. Our focus is on the acronym: NEWSTART (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God).

Programs offered: 

  • Free blood pressure, mammogram screenings and counseling.
  • Health nuggets and literature.
  • Vegetarian cooking classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Health Fair
Men’s Ministry 

Men’s ministry is an intentional attempt to bring men to God so they can make their way to God’s eternal kingdom. Men’s ministry concentrates on the male to better define and minister to the specific needs of the gender. By highlighting the roles of men, men’s ministry can touch on and improve the lives of men in ways that no other ministry can.

Programs offered: 

  • Men’s Luncheon
Music Ministry
Music can convey our thanks to God. Through this ministry, we cultivate the musical talent and skills that our congregants possess. There are currently three choirs: Sanctuary, Tabernacle and The Children’s Choirs. Speak to Bro. Smith (the music coordinator) if you would like to join the choir.
Prayer Ministries

Spiritually strengthening and supporting every ministry, pastor, and administrator at every level of the church by fusing the three fundamental elements of mission—prayer, Bible study, and ministry.



Programs offered: 

  • Daily Prayer Line – If you are in need of prayer or would like to make a prayer request, call (712) 775–7000 (access code: 865223#) at 5:00 am each morning or listen live. For recorded sessions call (712) 775—7099 (access code: 865223#)
Sabbath School/Personal Ministries

The Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department provides full religious education for church members of all ages, including Sabbath School bible study guides and material for programming on Saturday mornings and other activities during the rest of the week.



Programs offered: 

  • Bible Study – Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 in the conference room.
  • Thanksgiving Baskets (every November) 
  • Godpreneurs Seminars – Free business courses for entrepreneurs
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) – day camp for children held every summer


Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministries Department ministers to the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of women. It provides a support system for hurting women, and a forum to address topics and issues as they affect women in and out of the church. It promotes programs to mentor young women.


Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The youth is not only the church of the future, but they are also the church of the present. Through the Adventist Youth (AY), youth will be given opportunities to exercise leadership and engage in service. 


Programs offered: 

  • Adventurer & Pathfinder Clubs – Both clubs are world-wide SDA Church sponsored ministries. They aim to strengthen the parent/child relationships and enhance spiritual, physical, mental, and social growth. The two clubs offer camping skills and outreach activities, promote community pride, and provide grade appropriate leadership training. If you have a boy or a girl ages 4 to 18 years, enroll them in these clubs. Meetings are held every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday at 4pm in the Blue Room.